Bay Leaf/ तेजपत्ता/ तमालपत्र


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Bay leaves refers to the aromatic leaves of several plants used in cooking. Indian bay leaf (Cinnamonum tamala) are long and wider, usually olive green in color, and with three veins down the length of the leaf and is culinarily quite different, having a fragrance and taste similar to cinnamon (cassia) bark, but milder.

If eaten whole, bay leaves are pungent and have a sharp, bitter taste. As with many spices and flavorings, the fragrance of the bay leaf is more noticeable than its taste. When dried, the fragrance is herbal, slightly floral, and somewhat similar to oregano and thyme.

Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance. The leaves should be removed from the cooked food before eating. The leaves are often used to flavor soups, curries, biryanis and some Asian Cuisine.

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